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Supporting GDB In Your Emulator

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I am currently writing a Vectrex emulator and wanted some way of debugging any code I wrote for it. I'm new to writing emulators, writing for the Vectrex and also new to the language (Rust) that I'm writing it in. So I need a lot of help :)

Adventures In Emulation

I'm writing an emulator, a bit of a way through and thought I'd write keep a development log of what I'm doing. First let's have a look at what I'm

Happy with last week

Hey! It's Monday and I'm feeling pretty chipper. Which I'm pretty happy about after managing to squeeze out 30km last week. Yesterday I did a slow 15km in Tentsmuir as

Running. Again.


Last time on I was in the middle of a training program with the aim of upping my time and pace. Which it did! And also

Run 4

Today's aim was a long slow run after a Monday's rest up. It wasn't great to be honest. I hit the slower pace I'd been aiming for but as much